The ongoing fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic has had severe repercussions for the global supply chain upon which many of our clients rely.

Vital electronics and electrical components either unsourceable or heavily delayed in both production and transit. Projects falling critically behind schedule. Unprecedented order backlogs.

In truth, it must be acknowledged the global supply chain was already showing signs of considerable strain even before the pandemic unfolded. However, following the havoc wreaked by COVID-19, significant fractures are now acutely apparent within the global container market… in shipping routes, with regard to air cargo, to freight, to rail and even warehousing.

Crippling shortages of key manufacturing components and materials. Critical delays in delivery. Considerable hikes in transportation costs. So, what can we do here at Turner & Coates to help alleviate these significant global supply chain inefficiencies?

With regard to the current shortfall in electrical and electrical components – in particular the scarcity of semi-conductors caused by COVID-related industry shutdowns – we are advising our clients to source and secure warranted, fit-for-the-purpose second-hand parts and components, wherever possible. As one of the industry’s most respected and experienced inspection and expediting companies, we can also help you to locate alternative electrical suppliers to help fill this unwelcome, yet unavoidable breach.

Of course, the pandemic and the resultant global economic lockdown has also led to a short supply of key raw materials. Sadly, this situation has been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, which is the world’s leading producer of semi-conductor grade neon. For understandable reasons, production in Ukraine has been severely hampered by the ongoing conflict there, but this has led to a worldwide shortage in the most vital component in the manufacture of electronic chips.

Likewise, steel mills all over the world are failing to provide hard-and-fast delivery dates; priorities are not being met over certain materials and thicknesses and, of course, prices are increasing exponentially for the steel yet to be purchased driven, in part, by the growing price of shipping containers.

Here at Turner & Coates, in addition to advising you to source quality pre-used electrical parts and components, we are also recommending that you downgrade to previous software versions to take advantage of the second-hand, older controllers available on the market.

Lastly, with particular regard to the current steel shortages, remember that Turner & Coates is always on hand to assist with logistics and help you plan your projects to the last detail. This includes building sufficient lead-time into your projects to again help alleviate global supply chain inefficiencies… and help your business avoid further unwanted hold-ups and additional disappointment.

It’s all part of the service, here at Turner & Coates – over 140 years of excellence as standard!